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We are experts at using scan data to create accurate 3D models.


With no drawings or models of an area, it can be difficult to know how to begin a project. At Precision 3D Capture we have years of experience in solving that problem for our clients. We will scan your facility and turn that data into an accurate as-built model of your project area. We can also model in intended changes such as piping, conduit or platforms. 3D scanning and modeling is a perfect combo for equipment design and layout as well. We have used scans to model conveyors and piping through entire facilities with zero interferences. Give us a call and let our experts help you get started.

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Do you need to create a part to fit an existing object? Maybe you need to recreate an older part that can be ordered anymore. We can help. We can scan your object and create an accurate 3D model for use in manufacturing. Our solid models are suitable for use in CAM programs for machining or we can provide stl files for 3D printing. We have extensive manufacturing experience so let us help you with your challenges today.

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Scans are a great resource for all phases of a construction project. They can be especially useful during large remodel jobs, where existing drawings may not be available. We can use our scan data to create accurate 3D models of an existing structure and from those, create floor plan and elevation drawings needed for new design work. We are great at BIM and can provide a model created in industry standard software to any Level of Development.

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